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Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Evening – oh what a night!

What a fantastic night it was!  Women Unlimited held its first ever Extraordinary Entrepreneurs evening in the British Library last night, and judging by the fact that the women had to be asked to vacate the dining area twice, it is safe to say it was a resounding success!  What better way to celebrate Women’s Enterprise Day than by having female entrepreneurs who are at the top of their game spend an evening encouraging and sharing their experiences with other women who are on the same journey? 

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Polly Gowers – Founder of Everyclick.com: Extraordinary Entrepreneur

Polly Gowers is on a quest of epic proportions.  She wants to encourage people to rethink their traditional methods of using the internet, such as using Google as a search engine, and switch to everyclick.com so that every time they click online, they are donating to a worthwhile cause. She is succeeding in her mission – so far 147,539 people have helped raise over £900,000 for charity.  As well as individuals, schools, colleges switching to a more ethical way of using the internet Cadbury Trebor Bassett, MTV, AXA and the …

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