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5 ‘Ridiculous’ Stress Relief Strategies

As we sit to enjoy a nice early meal, and then watch a Friday night movie together as a family, I remember when that wasn’t possible. OK, it WAS possible, but i was too “busy” due to the stress I had allowed into my life. It took a while to change that – to let go of the stress. There were a lot of changes that needed to happen along the way. I needed a lot of help “de-stressing”, before I was able to make those decisions. Of course, at …

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10 fitness thoughts and quotes to start your day

Some of these are my own creation, some I’ve just heard and have stuck in my mind, and others come from books and the internet. All of them make me smile and give me inspiration in different ways and hopefully will do the same for you.1)    The smug feeling you get after a workout is far better than the guilty feeling you get if you’ve given exercise the cold-shoulder.

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10 tips for looking after YOU when you’re working for yourself!

Quite often, looking after yourself when you are running your own business and juggling a busy family life, becomes the lowest priority in your life. At Women Unlimited, we think it needs to be the highest, because if you don’t look after yourself, everything else is likely to fall apart anyway! So make a promise to yourself now that you are going to make your own health and wellbeing a priority in your life! Here are some tips to help you improve your health and help you to reach a …

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Walking your way to better physical and mental health

Walking is the best form of exercise you can have to obtain better health and a fitter you and it will cost you nothing. It is a form of exercise which can be taken up by anyone regardless of age or physical condition providing you start off sensibly, as with all forms of exercise you are not used to doing. One of the other main benefits of walking is that it gives you a chance to clear you head and create a bit of space in your life. If you …

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