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Standing out from the crowd: how to become a recognised expert

There is no getting away from it: to become an expert you have to know your stuff and have the experience to back it up. But there comes a point when knowing your stuff is one thing, becoming a recognised expert in your field and building the profile that goes with it is another. Below are five tried and tested methods you can use to increase your public profile. 1. Developing your personal brand. This is the process by which you create your signature for success. It enables you to …

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Giving it away for free: the business benefits (and pitfalls) of volunteering your services, products and expertise

Giving it away for free

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often approached by charities, groups and associations to give free expertise, services and guidance.  There are many benefits to volunteering help and these include expanding your contact and client base, enhancing a CV and giving further credibility to your professional standing. But whilst there are benefits, there are also a number of pitfalls. Lose sight of why you’re offering this support, or the parameters you want to keep within, and you could soon be

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