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Time saving tips to keep your social media profile fresh and engaging

Saving time in social media

Let’s face it; many of us have jumped on the social networking bandwagon in some way.  Be it via Linked In, Twitter or Facebook many business people recognise there’s business potential in using social media – especially if their customers and clients are.  But many of us often struggle to turn that potential into reality – the major hurdle often being time. Busy entrepreneurs and business people know they need to communicate with their network, but a)        having time for the creative thought process to write a valuable update, and …

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Facebook vs Twitter in business

What is the value of Facebook over Twitter? Is there a difference? When do you use one or the other or both? The ultimate decision about which social network to use lies with your company culture, goals and target customer. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that you cannot choose “none of the above” if you want to survive the new digital economy. Therefore, the question is which do we choose and

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How to use facebook for your small business

use facebook to boost your business

Leveraging Facebook to generate leads, increase site traffic, and even make a little money is every small business owner’s goal. But in most cases, it’s not as simple as getting on once a week for an hour, posting a bunch of ‘interesting’ information, and getting on with your life hoping that the leads will start flowing in. Facebook is a remarkable tool for creating a ‘buzz’ about your small business and inviting new friends to check out your services, but

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Using social networks to your advantage

The Internet is an invaluable tool for small and medium businesses alike. For very little or no money, the web and its social networking platforms provide entrepreneurs with access to an international market. The Internet is not only affordable, but is an extremely effective means of understanding, catering for, and reaching potential customers. Lauren Luke, 26, is just one of the many entrepreneurs who owes her success to Internet social media.

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How to get the most from free opportunities from Social Networks

Expert Business development with Pier Paolo Mucelli, Founder and CEO of eOffice, as he explains how to get the most from free opportunities on major social networks. Pier is among the very top among networkers on business social network LinkedIn, and is able to reach literally millions of connections. Find out how to organise events on major networks such as Facebook, and how that can help to grow your business all for practically zero cost!

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