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Are you running a business or an expensive hobby?

Bolts of Cloth

If you don’t have a set of financial targets for your business (revenue and profit) then frankly, you have an expensive hobby. That may be tough to hear but it’s time to embrace what you have created and step up! From research we conducted earlier this year of 300 women business owners, 68% of them are earning less now than when they had a job. I think this is such a shame. We deserve to have thriving businesses and to enjoy the benefits that brings, both financial and the feeling …

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Money: Does It Make Your World Go ‘Round?

Have you got a financial goal for your business? Not just a vague idea of how much you want to get this year, but a real, tangible goal, written down. In my experience of working with Business Owners for over nine years, very rarely do they have a written financial goal. Typically when I ask business owners about their financial targets, they say they “want to make a bit more than last year” or “enough to cover my costs and some play money”. Or they squirm, look away and change …

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