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Times they are a-changing: are you ready for change?

“Don’t criticise what you can’t understand….For the times they are a-changing” The words of Bob Dylan will always be relevant, and will never date, for times are always changing. It seems to some that the change in technology and communication, particularly in the last 10 years are changing so fast it’s almost impossible to imagine what will be our new normal in the next 10-15 years. Change, we all understand then, is inevitable and is

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Working mums are great assets for small companies

For many companies, the whole concept of working mums is something they would rather stay clear of.  Aside from the  issue of maternity leave which can be quite costly for small companies, mothers, particularly single ones, often need to drop everything at a moment’s notice to attend to an emergency concerning their children.  There are a growing number of companies, however, who are recognising the benefits of having working mothers on their payroll. Gary Reid, manager of creative agency Nude, has no problem employing mums. “About a year ago, some of …

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