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Why the glass ceiling is often invisible: hidden gender discrimination

“She’ll never be a senior manager, because she’ll always put her children before the business.”  Not only were these words said to me once about a very competent, long-serving middle manager who was also a single mum, but unbelievably, they were spoken by a Director who really should have known better. Perhaps the most shocking thing though, was that had I not blown the whistle on this knuckle-dragging employer, the woman in question may never have known that this was the reason for her lack of promotion. She would have …

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How women in business can identify their ‘glass ceiling’ then shatter it

The national and trade press has been doing its best to closely monitor the issue of women in business, or more importantly how to succeed as a woman in business, ever since the government put together a dedicated team to investigate why UK companies do not seem to value the notion of having female members in their boardroom. Here at Muika Leadership (www.MuikaLeadership.com) we focus our energy on developing women in business so that they can break through the glass ceiling that

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