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Heros and Quests: equipping you for success – part 1


Setting up and running a successful business or enterprise is a herculean task reminiscent of the Hero’s journey. In this four part series I’ll take you through a self-development programme in which we will look at how to equip you for success.  We will look at four areas: 1. Archetypes and how to leverage their power for success 2. The Hero’s journey to identify where we are, where we have been and to prepare for where we are going. 3. Thinking about and connecting the trips that entrepreneurs make and …

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Achieve all your goals for 2011: expect success and get results

believe in yourself and achieve your goals

January is often the time of year when we enthusiastically set new goals and resolutions for the next 11 months. The question is though; do you believe 100% that you will achieve them? Or is there some nagging doubt, a quiet little voice that says “Ha! You’ll never achieve that”? February is often the time of year when we start to listen to that voice.  The reason many people fail to achieve the goals they have set for themselves is usually not through lack of effort or even ability

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Risks on the Road Between You and the Emerald City

“Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake somebody.”—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow If you aren’t winning enough in your life, it’s because you aren’t losing enough. “What?!” you may be thinking. “I’m losing plenty, thanks. That can’t be right.” It is right. You have to take risks to win. And you don’t win every time you take a risk. Success is a percentage game—and it’s not even a big percentage. The difference between successful people …

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Resolution hangover and how to fix it


Here’s a question for you. How many readers have already broken their New Year’s resolution? My bet is that many of you are guilty! Why does this happen? The answer lies in how you set your goals. For instance, were your goals written down? Were the goals specific enough so that you knew what you had to accomplish? Were the goals measureable? Were they realistic? If your goals did not

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2011 – More Time? How Sublime!

time is precious

Can we create more time or do we want to create the illusion that we have more time? Sadly, the fact is there are only 24 hours in a day. Unless we mess with the natural laws of physics, we are not gong to eek that out to 27 or even 25… So, what can we do with those 24 precious hours? We know that time is a businesswoman’s most precious resource – it is finite and once it’s gone it’s gone. Often our days are as they are because …

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Celebrate Your Year: 23 Questions to Inventory Your Successes

reviewing the year

As you set goals for the coming year, it’s a good idea to take stock of the progress you’ve made toward your 2010 goals. For many people, this review is unpleasant and can even lead to a downward spiral. If you didn’t achieve all of the goals you set at the beginning of the year, you may feel like you have failed. Our self-esteem can take a hit, we can become disheartened and discouraged, and our motivation drops. Some people actually become depressed. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to

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10 Ways to Get Your Marketing Unstuck

marketing strategy

Have you ever found yourself knowing exactly what you need to do about marketing your business… and then not doing it? You are not alone. Many self-employed professionals find that the hardest part of marketing isn’t figuring out what to do. What’s hard is actually doing it. Marketing yourself can be a confronting process. Making phone calls to strangers, writing marketing letters, and talking about yourself and your accomplishments can bring up fear of rejection, harsh commentary from your inner critic, feelings of incompetence, and the discomfort of performing unfamiliar …

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How to Actually Achieve Your Financial Goals

Financial goals in your business are no different from other goals that you set in your life, be it in your health, your family or your relationship. Just like these other areas of your life, there are times when you achieve exactly what it is that you set out to achieve and other times when you don’t. So what’s the difference that makes the difference? 1. Passion As with anything in business, passion is a must have. If you are no longer passionate about what you do and why you …

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Are you driving your business or is your business driving you?

When you’re a female small business owner life can be hectic and crazy and busy and stressful. Working mother’s guilt can leave you feeling inadequate in your role as family caregiver.  Business stresses can keep you awake at night.  Time demands can leave you feeling frantic and confused.  Multiple commitments as mother, caregiver, wife/partner, friend and business owner can leave you feeling pushed and pulled all over the place.  All of these things can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unhappy, questioning why you even started this journey in the first …

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