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We’re back – and we’re totally focussed on you!

Julie Hall

After a short hiatus and following on from Julie’s blog on the closing of the Women Unlimited Business Clubs, I’m pleased to say we’re back and totally focussed on supporting YOU as women in business. Every business goes through re-invention and iterations and Women Unlimited is no different. I’m so pleased to have been asked back as Editor and am totally committed to making this the Go To site that works for you. We welcome your comments and feedback so please feel free to be an active part of this community. There will be some changes …

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Growing little bookworms: What helped me might work for you!

My business story began when my daughter was three, and I wanted to buy a bookcase for her. I couldn’t find the one I had in mind; one that was easy for a child to use independently, so I made my own in my violin maker’s workshop. When friends and family saw the bookcase I’d made, they wanted one too. I got my tools out again and started the Tidy Books business with £500. My first ad in a parenting magazine produced such a phenomenal response that I knew I’d …

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How becoming an expert could benefit your business

Most businesses operate in a crowded marketplace with plenty of competitors to differentiate from. It can mean we sometimes just focus on a strategy built around price – discounting where we can to bring in our share of the business. In the long run, however, this can be really hard to sustain. There is another strategy which can be more financially rewarding. It involves positioning ourselves at the premium end of the market and developing ‘expert’ status around our business offering. It is particularly suited to service-driven businesses although product-based …

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8 Ways to create a rock solid referral network

Rock Solid Network

Few people dispute the value of having a network of contacts who can feed you with a steady flow of decent business opportunities.  It saves time and effort in the sales process and is generally a much more pleasant way of growing your business.  One business owner I met recently commented that, when analysing their sales figures, the value of the referred sale compared to those via their website was almost 10% more.  They also said they found the internet-generated customers more fee-sensitive whereas those who came via a referral …

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How to become an expert interviewer and grow your biz!

Whether you are blogging to build your brand, keeping abreast of thought leadership in your field, or trying to break into podcasting—you can’t afford not to become a skillful interviewer. The best interviewers make it look so easy. Larry King comes to mind—probing what made Brando tick (and even getting the inscrutable Hollywood icon to plant a kiss on his cheek). And then there’s Oprah, who makes interviewing seem like half cocktail party schmooze and half spiritual journey.  Interviewing—an art that was once the exclusive province of career journalists and …

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Why Networking Is Your Most Powerful Business Tool – Part One

Powerful Networking

Over the past few weeks I’ve interviewed over 30 successful entrepreneurial women for an article for James Clear’s Remora Method and, ultimately, for the book that I now realise I have in me. The lessons and learning from these interviews have been fascinating and eye-opening and, as you can imagine, the motivations and methods used are as broad and diverse as the women themselves. One message that’s consistently jumped out though, regardless of situation, background, race or results, is the importance of networking. Networking is something I’ve done a lot …

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Fifty shades of business success

Wouldn’t it be great if running a business was a black and white affair. One formula, one manual and everyone would succeed. Wouldn’t that make it easier? However, if you’re a go getter and running your own business, juggling a million and one things in your home and social life; it will often feel as if there are fifty shades of grey between the black and the white of that elusive manual. One of the problems is that when it comes to deciding what things you should be doing on a …

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Marketing your business on a tight budget

marketing your business on a tight budget

Looking ahead to the Autumn and need to market your business? Not sure what you can do that won’t break the bank? Here are some simple ideas to give your business greater visibility. Feel free to choose from this affordable pick and mix. You don’t have to break the bank to market your business but you do need to make sure you are visible to your customers in order to keep it afloat. Before you begin It pays (and prevents a lot of wasted marketing pounds) if you are clear …

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What Good Are Customers If They Don’t Come Back?

Acquiring new customers is known as ‘front end’ marketing. Winning new customers is definitely an important way to increase sales, but customer retention or getting your current customers to come back to you is equally important. This concept is known as ‘back end’ marketing. Increasing the number of times your customers buy from you is the easiest way to increase sales, improve profit and grow your business. Think about it, it can cost up to six times more to win a new customer than it does to have an existing …

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The Ultimate Guide To Free Marketing For Your Home Business

So, you’ve decided to start a business from home. You’ve researched your market, created a website, written a business plan, printed the business cards, started a blog (or, perhaps all of the above!). Now how do you find customers, drive traffic to your website, differentiate yourself from your competition and attract the attention of influencers in your niche? And how on earth do you do all this without spending any money? What you need is free marketing Don’t believe the myth that you need money to start a business. And …

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