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The Secret to Success? Just be You.

Do you want to be your amazing self, share your unique talents with the world, get paid lots of money for it and be completely happy as a result? Then follow this path to success. The woman sat across the expansive, wooden desk from me, preparing to ask her final interview question.  “So Jenny,” she inquired, looking at me over the top rim of her glasses, “where do you see yourself in five years?” As soon as she asked it, I fought the urge to cringe outwardly. Instead, I maintained …

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Reclaim Your Success Mojo: 4 Top Tips

Ever wonder why it seems so difficult to move to a new level of success? After all, you definitely have a clear vision for your life. And there’s little doubt as to what you want to achieve and experience, too. Perhaps, more importantly, you have both the inspiration and the motivation to do whatever it takes to reach your goals and live your dreams. In fact, you’ve likely given everything you have in order to make them an actual, tangible reality. So why, then, does your success remain stuck at …

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The 8 Mindsets of Highly Successful People

Are you ready to achieve a new level of success in some aspect of your life? It seems an easy enough goal to aim for, right? After all, you’re smart and motivated. And there is no shortage of advice about what to do to reach your goals or live your dreams, and thus experience this greater success. But after several attempts to make change or implement said advice, why do you experience only mixed or varied results? And why do these results, more often than not, feel haphazard (at best) …

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