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8 easy improvements you can make on your website

This is a co-written post. I asked my Technical Director, JP, to help me write this article – because as a non-designer, he can suggest practical tips which don’t take long to implement from a technical perspective! Here’s what he says: 1. Social sharing buttons There are two ways for you to use social media links on your website. The first is to place links that will take you to the websites Facebook page or twitter page. The second is to have social sharing buttons. Social sharing buttons are the …

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5 Ways to boost credibility through your website

Build credibility

What’s the point of your website? Often, if you are a business, it’s to convince people to buy your services or products. What makes people buy? They need to feel they know you, like you and trust you. Which is why you need to build credibility – yay! So now I have convinced you, you need to read this if you are a business and you have a website; let me reveal  5 things that help you boost credibility on your website. Testimonials I know, these can be faked, but …

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Stressing about your website? Read these 3 tips and feel better, ahhh.

Stressing about your website

Your website. That all important representation of you, on the web. I bet there are things you would like to change about it if you could. If you had the budget, or the time, or you could just do it yourself quickly, wave a magic website wand – you would go and tweak and fix a whole load of little niggly things that are bugging you. Some websites are really bad – so bad I would put them in a box labelled “lost causes” or better yet, take them off the …

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