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You’ve got mail – lots of it

Are you old enough to remember when the Internet was new? When we were just starting to use dial-up connections? The last place I was employed before I set up my business 15 years ago had just one computer with an internet connection. This was in an office of about 15 people. I used to sneak onto it to email a friend in Australia, hoping that no-one would look over my shoulder and see I wasn’t using it for business. How times have changed. I can’t imagine running my business …

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Using social networks to your advantage

The Internet is an invaluable tool for small and medium businesses alike. For very little or no money, the web and its social networking platforms provide entrepreneurs with access to an international market. The Internet is not only affordable, but is an extremely effective means of understanding, catering for, and reaching potential customers. Lauren Luke, 26, is just one of the many entrepreneurs who owes her success to Internet social media.

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