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Free Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research

One reason that I am so fond of SEO – besides it general efficiency and useful properties – is the way the basics always stay the same. The niche evolves, processes change, the way we approach it differs from year to year. But the core, fundamental elements that make it SEO always remain the same. Making it a great skill to build on and update, rather than replace like so many online marketing or visibility tactics. Keyword research is a good example. The way we utilize keywords (to discover less …

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Your quick reference guide to ‘Keyword Research’


Keyword research should be a part of every site owner’s overall marketing tactics, whether they are involved in ecommerce or blogging. Likewise, SEO is an important part of increasing traffic, improving your reputation and bumping up your site’s visibility. To do that, you need to know what keywords to target, which take us right back to keyword research. You should always have a regularly updated list of what keywords are bringing in the highest returns with your search results. Often you will find these are not the words you would …

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