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10 Simple Business Strategies for Boosting Profitability

Practical business growth strategies can be hard to come by in the ever-changing market of today’s tech based business world. Never ever stop learning. If you stop learning you’re going to fall so far behind you risk never catching up! Seeking help from fellow entrepreneurs is probably the most sound advice anyone can follow in the business world. It may take some sweat equity and time investment, but it’s imperative that you are utilizing the most accurate info you can get your hands on. Integrating a new idea, product or …

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Starting your own business: 10 Truths Experts Wont Tell You

I want you to know something. Starting your own business is wonderful. You wake up when you want, work from where you want and never have to sit through a boring-ass ‘weekly planning meeting’ EVER AGAIN. Rocking. However. This freedom does not come on a platter. You don’t wake up one and go ‘oh I seem to have stumbled on the perfect life. Ho ho. Tea and toast, Jeeves’. (Because that’s just what my mornings look like. Ahem) So let’s take a down-and-dirty look at what really goes on in …

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Fear Revisited: How to overcome the F word

When we feel fear it is our minds way of warning us that we are about to embark on something that could harm us either emotionally, physically or both. Fear is a learned survival system which typically evokes the infamous fight or flight response in us. However fears can be unnecessary and so it is important to challenge those that we feel are getting in the way of us achieving our business and personal goals. Is fear getting in your way? Well you can overcome this brick wall by

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The art of handling criticism gracefully

use criticism for construction

  ‘Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves.’ ~Bertrand Russell If you’re going to do anything interesting in the world, criticism is an unavoidable fact. You’ll be criticized, because you’ll make mistakes, because some will be jealous, because people have opinions about anything interesting, because people want to help you, because some want to drag down those doing anything different. The trick to navigating the icebergs of criticism is to figure out which are helpful, and

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How not to be your business’s worst enemy

When it comes to running a Business and how successful that Business ultimately turns out to be, can we in fact be our own worst enemy, getting in our own way of developing, progressing and growing? Gremlins in The Cogs At first glance you might dismiss the above question as ridiculous – perhaps you feel that you’ve an entirely open mind when it comes to planning the route that your particular Business will take throughout it’s ‘lifetime’ indeed you might, but as you begin to let the question sink in, …

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Web therapy: things to remember when launching a new website.

getting it together for the world wide web

We had a request for a web therapy session for a website that was having a revamp and went live just last month. I stopped by to have a poke around and wrote this advice based on what you need to think about when you’re launching a new website. www.kidz4mation is a company that runs workshops to help children overcome and deal with issues such as confidence bullying, anxiety and low self esteem. It is aimed at primary school children. Their workshops can be run either during or after school …

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