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How to get and give endorsements on LinkedIn

Yesterday I received an endorsement notification from LinkedIn that Hela Wozniak Kay (one of the dynamic duo that created Sister Snog) has endorsed me for blogging.  And this got me thinking.  Why blogging?  So I did a little bit of investigation and figured out what the answer was and in this video I share with you a quick behind the scenes look at how you can give and get endorsements for better keywords. I think the endorsement function of LinkedIn is a great and simple addition to what is already …

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LinkedIn – not just for headhunters and hackers

Don’t let the recent hacking troubles at LinkedIn put you off making the most of what is essentially a valuable business tool. It offers potential access to an enormous pool of people who are there because they want to make professional business connections. There are more than 9 million Linkedin members in the UK alone* and more than 2 million companies worldwide have LinkedIn company pages. In theory you and your business could be just a few connections away from a contact that could help to take your business forward …

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Big Surprises for Small Businesses: Part 2

After lots of surprises of our own, we were intrigued to know what had surprised you the most once you had started up your own business. So we asked “what has been your biggest surprise since you started running your own business?” So what have been the unexpected perks, pitfalls, attitudes and opportunities that our Linked-in members have encountered on their business journey so far? Here are the things that have surprised you the most: How good it feels to work for yourself There was one other surprise which I …

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Time saving tips to keep your social media profile fresh and engaging

Saving time in social media

Let’s face it; many of us have jumped on the social networking bandwagon in some way.  Be it via Linked In, Twitter or Facebook many business people recognise there’s business potential in using social media – especially if their customers and clients are.  But many of us often struggle to turn that potential into reality – the major hurdle often being time. Busy entrepreneurs and business people know they need to communicate with their network, but a)        having time for the creative thought process to write a valuable update, and …

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