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Promote your Company with a DIY video

The potential sales opportunities are huge Now that video is financially viable for even smaller businesses, it’s a hugely powerful marketing tool. One supplier of pop-up marquees has a video on their site showing a marquee being erected and taken down again in less than ninety seconds. The impact of their video knocks the spots of anything that could be achieved in words: with video, seeing really is believing. What will a video achieve? A video is a quick, visual, appealing and straightforward way of people getting to know you. …

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Patient With Business Success

In all the years I’ve been coaching women in business, I’m still amazed at how many entrepreneurs expect immediate success. In business, success doesn’t happen overnight. How many times have we heard about the so-called “overnight success” who waited years and years for her big break? Success is a process that takes time, energy, focused planning and persistence. Don’t Give Up Before Payday Patience in business is a virtue. Many well-meaning business owners give up before their business has had enough time to reach fruition. In other words, many entrepreneurs …

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How to Actually Achieve Your Financial Goals

Financial goals in your business are no different from other goals that you set in your life, be it in your health, your family or your relationship. Just like these other areas of your life, there are times when you achieve exactly what it is that you set out to achieve and other times when you don’t. So what’s the difference that makes the difference? 1. Passion As with anything in business, passion is a must have. If you are no longer passionate about what you do and why you …

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