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How to reduce *overwhelm* – 5 actionable steps you can take now!

Reduce the overwhelm

We’ve all been there: under pressure and overwhelmed. Too much to do. Too much to juggle. Too much to keep track of, all the while feeling more and more out of control. And when it’s happening we keep looking for a way out. How many times have you thought – if I can just get to the end of this project, the end of the week, or the end of the month, then things will get easier? Things will be different. I won’t feel this way, and I won’t have …

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8 ways to make working from home a pleasure

working from home

Working at home has many advantages for the self-employed – the five-second commute from bedroom to laptop, the relaxed dress code (pyjamas acceptable), the cheap lunch, to name but a few. We also consider it a fairly hazard-free workplace (not that offices tend to be a death-trap anyway.) But whereas office workstations tend to be set up with the desk-bound employee in mind, spending a lot of time on your sofa with your laptop actually on your lap can give you a lot more than just toasty kneecaps. I make …

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Don’t let stress crash your holiday party: 5 warning signs and 7 helpful tips

no stress

The holidays are upon us and many of us are rushing about trying to put it all together before December 25. Fully half of us might say we are stressed to the max and can’t wait for the holidays to be over. Think back: is this the same pattern you have followed year after year — after year? Why does this happen? We see in commercials and in cards that this is the season to be jolly. Many of us

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Are you dealing with Christmas Stress?

Stresses of Christmas

With only 3 weeks left till Christmas, you may be starting to wonder how on earth you’re meant to get everything organised in time for December 25th.  The run up to Christmas can leave you feeling under pressure to provide the perfect festive break for family and friends.  To buy the best presents, cook the best dinner, wish peace and goodwill to everyone that you’ve ever known and fully embrace the party season whilst maintaining an air of gracefulness and calm.  Sometimes that just isn’t possible – unless

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