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25 New ways to stay in front of potential clients on Google+

Google+ has introduced a new concept in online branding. In effect an online “calling card” that represents you, your business and your brand throughout Google’s real estate. It’s called the Hover Card. The power of the Hover Card The hover card provides an instant snapshot of who you are and what you do, and tells potential clients how they can work with you and how you can help them. Use the hover card to your advantage by sharing your strap-line or core marketing message (think Twitter speak, the less characters …

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3 Ways to rock your marketing with Google Plus

I’m loving Google Plus but like many social media platforms there’s a lot of potential time-sucking material posted. Cutesy pictures of puppies and beautiful landscapes are great for moments of escapism but not good for productivity, especially when you’re working from home! Why mention this? A new client revealed recently that her big challenge is only being able to spend an hour a week promoting her business. I love a challenge so we flipped this on its head and put together a plan that will allow her to totally rock …

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