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And Then You Tried To Fix It…

business woman with ringbinders

You’re a do-er. A mover and shaker. Someone who prides herself on results… And yet, maybe it sometimes feels like the results just aren’t forthcoming. And it sucks, because you work so hard, week in and week out, and you manage to make a success of everything else. It’s just this money “thing” that is frustrating the heck out of you. You see others around you doing all kinds of cool things, like webinars, and blogging and networking events, and it LOOKS like they’re making a success of it… So …

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Could mentoring have a positive impact on your business?

business mentor

For ambitious women in business who have clear goals that they want to achieve, having someone to offer support and clarity on crucial career-defining decisions, is simply invaluable. And, while business mentoring is not a new concept, it does appear to have gained more recognition from women in business in recent years, owing to the fact that tapping into the knowledge pools of those higher up the corporate ladder, is a sure way to business success. But, as most women entrepreneurs and successful business women will tell you, this may …

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