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Networking Introductions – promoting yourself with clarity and confidence

How do you feel when you have to introduce yourself at a networking meeting? Confident and comfortable? Or nervous, awkward or even mortified? When speaking at a recent networking event, I asked if anyone was feeling, or had previously felt nervous about introducing themselves at a networking meeting. All hands went up. So if that’s you, be assured you are in good company. Many people feel awkward about ‘selling’ themselves. That point at a networking event where you have to stand up and introduce yourself can be daunting. What do …

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Network Marketing – Friend or foe

When I left school – longer ago than I care to remember – I took my career advisor’s advice, pleased my parents and trained as a State Registered Nurse. I started to work my way up a career path which, at that stage, looked promising, safe and secure. Some 30+ years later, disillusioned by ever-increasing imposed change and the fact that I was no longer able to do what I had first entered my profession to do, I came to the decision that there had to be a better and …

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