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Big Surprises for Small Businesses

After lots of surprises of our own, we were intrigued to know what had surprised you the most once you had started up your own business. So we asked “what has been your biggest surprise since you started running your own business?” Read on to find out what have been the unexpected perks, pitfalls, attitudes and opportunities that our Linked-in members have encountered on their business journey so far.   Help and Support The amount of help from others – even competitors. And I couldn’t believe it when the first …

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So ladies, does size really matter in business?

Gather round Ladies – I have a secret to share with you.  Size does not matter…indeed small can bring the most personal satisfaction.   What am I talking about?  Well business of course! Both men and women buy into the myth that size equals success in business and we are horribly prone to making judgements on our peers based on this yard stick.  Let me share with you from personal experience just why this is so wrong. It would be fair to say that the majority of men start businesses with …

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Time does not equal money. The first step to creating products.

How to create products: the first step Create your own product. What an egg-cellant idea! There is a flurry of entrepreneurial activity at my children’s school at the moment. They have all been given £10 and have been challenged to turn that £10 note in to profit. It’s really interesting to see the creativity and initiative coming from them all. The headmaster has told us parents that it is the children’s projects and not an “Easter Bonnet Parade”. We have been warned off from helping out! There’s a group set …

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Networking Tips for Starting up!

So now you’ve chosen a career that right for you. What’s next? Our networking tips can help you! It feels great to know what you want to do, but how do you make sure that the opportunities will be there for you when the time comes? The answer is simple… Networking! Relationship building and networking are the key to getting your foot in the door to many careers. Have you ever heard the expression “It’s not what you know, but who you know”? While we’re not saying that your knowledge …

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Working with an Apprentice: Lessons learned

I first met Claire Young earlier this year at a networking event. I was vaguely aware of the Wakefield girl who had been “on telly” but that was all. Claire took part in one of the biggest reality TV shows on television – The Apprentice. In Lord Sugar’s words, she went through the “interview from hell” and survived long enough to become runner up in the 2008 series. On the day I met Claire she stood and

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