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6 Top tools to measure and track your influence online

Measure your success

In last month’s article about modern marketing makeovers, I showed you how to conduct a self-audit of your online marketing and how to create an online strategy for your business. This month I want to show you a range of top tools to help you automate and streamline this process and also measure and track your results so you can focus your time and efforts on the activities that work and increase your influence online. It’s about doing the 20% of activity that will generate 80% of results. Use The Right Tools …

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Do I really still need a website?

Do I Really Need A Website

At my company, Top Left Design, we spend a lot of our time creating bespoke websites, so it’s a strange question for me to be attacking. Do I really want to even put this question in your mind? But here I am bravely writing about this. Why would I even bring this up? I know you won’t be able to get value from this post unless I answer this question. So, there are 3 reasons. 1. I really think you should only spend money only when you know there is a …

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