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How to Survive a Business Partnership

They say two heads are better than one and in some case three or more.   Working in a partnership has numerous advantages.  Firstly, you don’t have to handle the risks and stress all on your own; there is someone else to brainstorm with; some support as you go through the varying challenges of running a business and if nothing else, someone to empathise with you along the way.   Running a business singlehandedly can be lonesome, so a partnership can be a great way to mitigate that. Every business requires time …

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5 businesses you can start for/with the neighbours

A recent report (Co-operative Streets report) reveals the UK is less than half as neighbourly as it was three decades ago with 49% of Brits saying people know more about their favourite celebrity than they do about their neighbour. But neighbours can make for good business; Emma Jones suggests we get to know them and offers five business ideas that are plain perfect for the folks next door.

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