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Why ‘YOU’ are crucial to your brand!

New to the world of personal branding? Let’s look at how best to get started. Your personal brand is not just about sharing your stories and showing your uniqueness, these ideas contribute of course but ultimately your personal brand is about YOU. In the words of Seth Godin when being interviewed by Bryan Elliott from Behind the Brand: “There is a big difference between being Dell and Michael Dell and we are now entering this phase where it’s ok to be a person again.” Your clients want to know the …

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Your personal brand – 3 mistakes that prevent you from building the know, like, trust factor

A personal brand isn’t something everyone needs to think about. If you’re selling a product, your focus will be on the business brand and on making sure your product delivers on the quality, function and price perceptions you’ve promised through your branding and communications. If you’re in a service based industry though, you are the brand and how you show up in the world is just as important as the service you offer. If you’re not a shining example of what you do, it’s a lot harder for prospective clients …

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I can’t meet my client without…

Shoe Biz

…. the right pair of shoes! I believe everyone has that one and only signature item to their look and ‘shoes’ can be that statement piece. I personally like shoes that are quirky, individual and the talking point of my outfit, but how do you know what works for you and the rest of your outfit. Have a look at our handy selection of the shoe styles out now, and see how they can work with your business wardrobe. FLATS Travelling for business, hopping on and off trains? Keep it simple and grab your flats …

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Your personal brand: 5 top sales tips

Some businesses have the budget to market their products while some don’t. If you don’t have the budget, but have the passion and creativity,  you can still attract customers. If you invest time and use the tools available to you, you can still make that sale. As a small business owner, paying for marketing and advertising is normally not part of the budget. However, there are ways to get customers’ attention and the chance for your business to attract more. In this kind of business set-up, making an impression will …

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7 Personal Branding Tips for Network Marketers

Network Marketing is a business model that is based on relationships. Prospects and potential customers will be more apt to buy from you or join your MLM team when they feel they like and trust you. From a MLM business building perspective this is very important. As such, when you are focused on doing network marketing online, establishing relationships with prospects is equally important. Creating a strong and positive personal brand will

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