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Forget the ‘shoulds’ and focus on the wants

Today I was working with a coaching client who is at a crossroads and unsure what direction to take. We all have those moments in our lives where that question arises ‘ what do you want?’ It often seems far easier to know what we don’t want. Or if it is what we want, somehow we are holding back. Perhaps you’ve started your business after being made redundant, or you’ve been in business for a while and now you’re wondering about your next step. As Lewis Carroll wrote, ‘if you don’t know …

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Have you become the person you were born to be?

Character Development! Those two words can bring up all kinds of memories and images for people.  Sending young children off to boarding school to ‘develop their character’, sending young men into military service because it is ‘character building’ etc.  But, what does that phrase really mean?  And, who is responsible for developing our character anyway? Let me ask you a question.  How much of your energy do you give away during the course of a day to people, situations and events over which you have no control?  The answer is likely …

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Business attire and the psychology of colour

Business Attire

In business, first appearances count for everything. The general belief is that we are judged within the first three seconds of meeting someone so it’s extremely important when it comes to meetings that you look smart and professional. Not only does your overall presentation affect people’s thoughts, colour also has a part to play in influencing their perceptions. Which colours should I wear for business?  Most women tend to stick to what they perceive as a safe, classic and conservative outfit. A black or dark grey coloured blazer and skirt …

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Self awareness tips – treating others badly

punch and judy creative commons

Of all the lessons I learned in identifying how I created the life I found so unhappy, pinpointing this particular principle was intensely painful.   That’s because it required me to look at myself with ruthless honesty, something I found particularly challenging. I had always regarded myself as the ‘innocent bystander’ in my marriage as well as in all my other relationships.   Seeing how I contributed to the very circumstances I protested so strongly I did not want, was not a deliberate act. It burst into my consciousness when I was …

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7 simple tips for dealing with customer stress


Last week, at a train station in London which will remain nameless, I watched an encounter between an employee of the train company and a passenger which fascinated me. Several trains were cancelled in rapid succession, resulting in confusion for everyone, including the station inspector, who was obviously stressed. When she was approached by a passenger wanting to know how long the next train to his destination would be, her reply left me speechless. “How long is a piece of string? How am I supposed to know? I’ve got trains …

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Heros and Quests: equipping you for success – part 3

Traps fo Entrepreneurs

Setting up and running a successful business or enterprise is a herculean task reminiscent of the Hero’s journey.  This 4 part self-development programme looks at how you can succeed in business.  In Part 1 we looked at Archetypes and how to leverge their power for success.  In Part 2 we looked at the Hero’s journey, where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going.  Now we dive into: Entrepreneurial Traps and how to avoid them We’ve all been there. The tough start up phase when you’re sitting waiting for success …

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Project me: taking you & your life to the next level

“I was once afraid of people saying, “Who does she think she is?” Now I have the courage to stand and say, “This is who I am.” Ophra Winfrey Recently during an impromptu deep & meaningful conversation I was having with a family member they remarked, “This life isn’t a rehearsal, it’s the final performance…” How very true this is, yet we still manage to take the time we have for granted. On all of our stages there is a clock that sits above the top of the curtain that never …

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Release Your Inner Strut: The 5 Things Successful Women do in the first hour of waking

Alarm Clock

The difference between a great day and just another day on life’s treadmill can be found in what takes place upon waking. Do you; a) Wake to the sound of the alarm clock, immediately resent the sleep interruption, complain to yourself about something, open one eye to see what time it is and then calculate how little sleep you’ve had and therefore how tired and grumpy you can reasonably be?! OR b) Wake up naturally before the alarm goes off, think positive thoughts and then rise for the day happy …

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Assert your personal boundaries and be treated better

hands friendship heart

Non-Love  is one of the more significant ways we let ourselves down.  My definition of Non-Love is allowing other people to treat us in unacceptable ways without doing anything to put a stop to it.  The repeated thoughtless and careless behaviours we’re exposed to damages our confidence and self-esteem. It’s even worse if they’re already low to begin with. With close relationships we tend to be even more reluctant to deal with such behaviour because we want to ‘keep the peace’ at all costs.  The problem is that the resentment …

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Going for gold in your business

The Olympics are all around us. We observe, support and share the anguish of defeat and the joy of winning. Why does the world stop and watch? Is it because we get to witness the culmination of many years of persistence, determination and commitment? On that one day, an athlete will have their chance to put those years of hard work into realization. The chance of realizing their dream (if they win a gold medal) and of achieving their personal best. That we witness hundreds of athletes all having ‘the …

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