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DIY PR – practical tips for promoting your business

Public Relations

Very few service and product offerings are unique but the one thing that is unique is YOU. So if you want to get your business on the map then very often the best person to focus your promotion work on is yourself. Look at how successfully Sir Richard Branson has created the Virgin brand and that is down largely to him associating his own image with everything that his companies do. You may not have the PR and advertising budget of a billion dollar business but if you are savvy …

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The art of PR

You have a new project to launch, a new product coming to market, or something to tell the world. The plan is to communicate through PR but first off, you need a plan! Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation sets out four steps to see you through to success. PR planning If you’re starting or growing a business from home, there’s never been a better time to be heard as the media looks for interesting stories of start-up success. Here’s how to go about achieving your column inches and headline quotes.

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10 ways for professionals to beat the growing economic recession

Feeling the crunch?  Here are 10 ways to beat the downward trend and keep your business on the right track. 1. Look at more at cost effective ways to market your business. E-marketing is a very powerful and cost effective way to market your business. It enables you to send out newsletters, mailshots, special offers and loyalty schemes directly to your customers via their email address at no extra cost, you save on postage and/or printing costs too.

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Capitalising on Social Networking as a Small Business

This is a great simple video that talks about how to use social media as a small business. Invaluable insights into how social networking is changing the face of small business is at hand, as host Sean Walsh welcomes Robin Grant, MD of We Are Social, to the studio. As well as advice on social media marketing from Robin, we will also hear from Heather Gorringe, founder and director of Wiggly Wigglers. The rural England based natural gardening company recently won the inaugural Global Dell Small Business Excellence Award. Using …

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All things fabulous…

Claire Collins is someone who has taken an old idea and given it a new twist. She is the founder of Violet May, a luxury business accessories brand for women. As with many great business ideas, the inspiration for Violet May came from her own needs. She was her own target market. Frustrated by the lack of chic, feminine business accessories, Claire decided that she was going to create fabulous products that were built with usability and practicality in mind as well as style.

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