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Beating Procrastination – How to get the important things done

Do you find yourself putting off the things you know you should be doing? Are you currently finding it difficult to get started on something even though you view it as being important? Do you feel guilty for avoiding it but don’t know how to break the cycle? This merry-go-round of lots of thinking but no action is of course the dreaded process of Procrastination, Wikipedia defines this as: Procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a …

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7 Procrastination Busters

Procrastination happens to all of us and we find it frustrating and a difficult barrier to overcome, especially when it ‘hits’ right before a big event or when a project just has to get done or there will be negative consequences. Procrastination demoralizes us, it can stop us cold in our tracks, make us lose sleep and up-set our stomachs and hurt our jobs/businesses/and relationships. Since procrastination is actually a state of mind, it is something that we can do something about. Here are

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Why do we procrastinate?

It is time we take a look at procrastination, a subject very dear to my heart and a bad habit I am finding myself struggling with today (it is strange how appealing the ironing can look). We all can have the tendency to procrastinate. However when it gets out of control to the point of affecting your potential success, then it is time to do something about it. What is it about procrastination that makes it such a problem? You may think that you are spending all day busy working.

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