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Be clear for your clients: are your customers too confused to buy?

Do you ever wonder why more people aren’t enquiring or buying from you? What you might not know is that it doesn’t mean that your offer is no good, or that no-one’s interested, it could just be you’re confusing your customer so much they don’t know what to do! If you find yourself writing a lot of promotional copy for your business (such as web copy, leaflets, brochures or sales pages) you need to make sure your offer is coming across loud and clear so your customers are compelled to …

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Promotion Plan

So you have a product and have set your price. Will the world come running to your doorstep? Not unless people know about your product – you must promote it. Set the stage for sales with a thoughtfully developed promotion plan. A promotion plan outlines the promotional tools or tactics you plan to use to accomplish your marketing objectives. To the new or inexperienced marketer, the promotion plan might be mistaken as the entire marketing plan because it outlines where the majority of the marketing budget will be spent. It …

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