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10 things we can learn from Oprah about business

Last week saw the end of an era. Oprah Winfrey stepped down from her throne as Queen of Daytime TV in the US after 25 years of dominating the airwaves. Spending my formative years in Canada, I grew up watching Oprah as a teenager and always found her shows to be interesting, inspiring and uplifting. Unfortunately, here in the UK, her show was relegated to one of the lost channels in the 200’s on Sky so she was never able to spread her magic as effectively here. Oprah Winfrey is …

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10 fitness thoughts and quotes to start your day

Some of these are my own creation, some I’ve just heard and have stuck in my mind, and others come from books and the internet. All of them make me smile and give me inspiration in different ways and hopefully will do the same for you.1)    The smug feeling you get after a workout is far better than the guilty feeling you get if you’ve given exercise the cold-shoulder.

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