Saturday November 18, 2017
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Why job advertising should be done with your Marketing hat on

When writing a job ad, most people concentrate on the job part and forget about the advertising bit.  Katherine Connolly of Keeping HR Simple explains how writing a top job advertisement needs you to put your Marketing hat on. If you’ve been following the series of articles on recruiting for small businesses, you’ll find yourself the proud owner of a well-written and well-thought out job description and person specification.  So, now what?  Exactly how do you go about advertising your role to the masses and getting the right people to apply? 

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Do you need to recruit?

Who you recruit can be one of the most important decisions that you make as a small business owner.  In the first of a series of articles designed to help small businesses with their recruitment strategies and processes, Keeping HR Simple’s Katherine Connolly looks at the reasons why businesses need to recruit in the first place. Here’s some facts According to a recent Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) survey, 63% of small businesses are planning to keep their employment levels on hold over the next 3 months because they feel …

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Two heads are better than one – how to hire an intern

One of the biggest challenges for small business owners have is not having enough time to do everything that needs to be done.  And initially, not having enough money to recruit someone to fill the gaps.  The solution to this could be hiring an intern. Internship is very popular in other countries and is starting to gain some ground here in the UK.

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