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Don’t be afraid to try ‘new’ networks

New networks – new surprises! I was a BNI-er (Business Network International) from the age of 17. I’ll admit it; I was pretty set in my ways. I thought there was no other option out there. I was quite young and keeping to just one network meant I didn’t need to try any others. After my third year, having started Amethyst PA, I decided to leave this great network (which had been fantastic for the business) due to a category clash. A year and a half later, I still hadn’t gone to a networking …

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Relationships – the key to successful networking

Networking sessions (the sessions themselves, not the entire seminar) last for an hour or so and often times the entrepreneur feels the pressure to make that connection. Whilst the real reason behind networking is to meet people who can help your business in some way, these types of contacts can only be made through building relationships.  So, how do you walk the fine line between pitching for business and establishing a genuine bond? If you aren’t fully comfortable talking to strangers or if you are new to networking, ask the …

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What’s your conflict style? Tips for getting better results

“Conflict is a process that occurs between two or more persons or groups when they have different points of views, different goals, different needs and values” Every single person will have conflict with someone at some stage in their life. Those who say they never have conflict are either liars or emotionally detached from reality and not in touch with their feelings.

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