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Why people buy: sex, salvation or success?

Why people buy

Sarah wearily placed her bag on the chair, and sat down for her coaching session with me, and sighed I never realised that selling would be so hard, and that I would hate it so much. But I know I have to do it or my business will fail. Sadly, Sarah is the not the only one of my clients who dread selling, and I know I hated it when I started my own business 11 years ago. Selling, closing the deal, cold calling, finding prospects were things I never …

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Is your business branding costing you sales?

There’s one thing business owners have in abundance and that’s their passion. They really do believe in what they are doing. They are great at working in their business and they want it to represent what their business truly stands for. They really want their brand to give the right impression knowing that first impressions count. When we see branding either that’s on a business card, store interior, window or a brochure, colour is the first thing we take in. We are either experiencing a positive or negative psychological reaction to …

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