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Saying No: The Best and Worst Ways To Say ‘No’ To A Customer

Myth: “If someone is paying me, I can’t say no” Ever been asked to do a little ‘extra’ or ‘help out’ an existing customer… and felt like you couldn’t say no? We’ve all been there. In fact, saying no to an existing client or customer is one of the biggest problems faced by natural people-pleasers (I include myself in this!). Project-Creep Consultants are familiar with project-creep. This is when little extras creep into the original agreement – so you bill the client for analyzing the dog market and writing a …

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Saying No: Why no is not a dirty word.

Have you said ‘yes, sure’ when you really mean ‘no way’? Have you said yes to ‘opportunities’ you knew in your heart you didn’t want, ‘no problem’ to a meeting you knew wasn’t going anywhere, yes a dozen things that could have been halted with two little letters? We’ve all been there. Sometimes, ‘no’ can be the hardest word of all. But that doesn’t mean it can be ignored. Why we avoid the little n-word There are three main reasons women in business avoid saying no (see if they sound …

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