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What does it mean to tell the truth?

Truthful Morguefile

I remember vividly the moment I was confronted with the idea of telling the truth. I had enrolled on an introductory course in psychosynthesis, a particular school of psychology. On that day, I was on the train to meet my life coach. I was reading the recommended course book, looking at the list of options for our homework. The first of a list of suggestions was: ‘do something you’ve never done before.’ The thought that unexpectedly came to me was: “tell the truth.” To say I was startled would be …

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Your brain is like Google: just type in ‘I’m awesome’ and rank no.1

Your brain is like google

We are all made of energy and at any given moment you are vibrating at a certain frequency. You will have had the experience of feeling a good or a bad ‘vibe’ and you will have also had the experience of being on a ‘high’ or a ‘low’. How thoughts and feelings dictate your vibe The frequency of your vibe is dictated by your feelings and your feelings are dictated by the thoughts that you think. If I ask you right now to think back to your favourite holiday ever, …

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Begin with you and improve your self-esteem


Hello World! I’d like to introduce you to…You! In my recent experience, I’m regularly meeting women who are struggling with their body image and self-esteem. They tell me that they find it really uncomfortable to look in the mirror and take the time to look at themselves. I’m often told they just can’t do it or it’s a look beyond exercise: “The dress is lovely. Not on me but it’s expensive and they’ll notice that”: “I can’t look in the mirror so I’ve got the same clothes in several colours, …

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What Exactly is Self Confidence?

Self confidence is the foundation on which every aspect of our life is built.  If we lack it our life will never achieve its full potential. Although we think we know what people mean when they say, “I feel confident” or “This experience has robbed me of my confidence” this is not necessarily the case. Ask yourself the following questions: “What does self confidence really mean to me?” “If I were truly confident, what would be different? How would I feel? How would I think? How would I act? How …

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Challenging your belief systems will improve self confidence!

This year for our holidays my husband and I decided we would like to travel around Europe on the train.  I knew it would be taking me out of my comfort zones but it also felt very exciting.  My husband has been before on his own about 20 years ago.  We chose our destinations, booked the trains and accommodation ourselves and set off full of excitement and anticipation. It was an interesting experience for me as the things I thought would be challenging I actually enjoyed and the bits I …

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Getting used to no routine

Wow what a change! – from a strict routine of, up at 5, gym by half past and at my desk by 7 , to freedom, time, space and the ability to waste a morning watching Jeremy Kyle and GMTV – taking full advantage of the tips about optimum eye shadow techniques and recipes to confuse even Gordon Ramsey. After a few days of this ‘freedom’ I found myself craving some sort of structure again! So back to routine it had to be and starting with making packed lunch for …

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Networking for success

Successful networking develops a circle of contacts and associations, useful for business. The word ‘networking’ provokes terror in some people, believing they’ll be accosted by assertive people “forcing” them to take a business card! Whilst this type of individual does attend events, the majority of business contacts regard it as a means of relationship building, making a connection or meeting new friends.

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