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Begin with you and improve your self-esteem


Hello World! I’d like to introduce you to…You! In my recent experience, I’m regularly meeting women who are struggling with their body image and self-esteem. They tell me that they find it really uncomfortable to look in the mirror and take the time to look at themselves. I’m often told they just can’t do it or it’s a look beyond exercise: “The dress is lovely. Not on me but it’s expensive and they’ll notice that”: “I can’t look in the mirror so I’ve got the same clothes in several colours, …

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6 Solutions to give your self and self image a boost for 2011

making a change

It’s that time of year again, a time when change and anticipation is in the air. For most people, thoughts usually turn to how they can make the upcoming year the best year ever! If this year didn’t live up to your expectations; it’s OK. There’s no need to have a pity party. I’ll provide six solutions you can use in the final days of 2010 to give your self and self image a boost for the new year. Solution Number 1: Create Your Own Unique Rituals. When you take …

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