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Tips for ‘client-attractive’ self-promotion

Have you ever come across the kind of marketing communications that make people sound arrogant? Where it is all “Me this and me that,” and “I have done this, that and the other?” Well, this kind of “marketing” can come across as obnoxious and is more likely to put people off than get them interested in you or what you have to offer. Thomas J. Leonard in his book, “The Portable Coach,” said, In order to market yourself successfully, you need confidence to know exactly what you do well and …

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Networking Introductions – promoting yourself with clarity and confidence

How do you feel when you have to introduce yourself at a networking meeting? Confident and comfortable? Or nervous, awkward or even mortified? When speaking at a recent networking event, I asked if anyone was feeling, or had previously felt nervous about introducing themselves at a networking meeting. All hands went up. So if that’s you, be assured you are in good company. Many people feel awkward about ‘selling’ themselves. That point at a networking event where you have to stand up and introduce yourself can be daunting. What do …

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Why are women so bad at promoting themselves?

why are women not self-promoters

I often run media training workshops for women entrepreneurs and business women. I am always amazed and in awe of the talent and ability of the women I meet. Their ideas, their drive and passion are second to none. They have passion, energy and endless devotion to their product or service.  Yet when it comes to promoting themselves they are hopeless. ‘I am not very good at bigging myself up’ is the constant refrain ‘ or ‘ I was always told it wasn’t nice to boast.’ It all comes back …

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