Saturday November 18, 2017
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Challenging your belief systems will improve self confidence!

This year for our holidays my husband and I decided we would like to travel around Europe on the train.  I knew it would be taking me out of my comfort zones but it also felt very exciting.  My husband has been before on his own about 20 years ago.  We chose our destinations, booked the trains and accommodation ourselves and set off full of excitement and anticipation. It was an interesting experience for me as the things I thought would be challenging I actually enjoyed and the bits I …

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Sticks & Stones: How to reduce the impact of negative people

I think it is safe to say that most people have experienced being on the receiving end of other people’s negativity at one time or another. I have worked with many clients on this very issue and have seen the devastating effects the interaction they have with a destructive person can have on their health and wellbeing. The relentless stream of underhand remarks, telling looks and being made to feel that you just don’t ‘fit in’ can drain a person’s self confidence as easily as sand through a sieve. If …

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You Can Have It All… When You Believe You Can

Yes, you really can have it all. In fact, there are hundreds of “gurus” standing ready to tell you just what you need to do to qualify. On this subject there are books to read and websites to explore. Perhaps you’ve read/explored them all and here you are still searching for the right path, still on your quest for the secret to getting your piece of the pie of success. Here’s a quick tip. You must first know what it is you’re searching for. Yeah, I know: Wealth – Freedom …

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Because You’re Worth It: How to stop your customers complaining about price.

you're worth the money, lady!

If you’re just starting out in business it can take a lot of confidence to decide what you’re worth. It can then take even more confidence to tell your customers. If your customers are telling you that they can’t afford what you’re offering, it’s too easy to fall into the trap of “some work is better than no work” and be beaten down on price. However, what tends to happen is that

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