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Listen up! The number one reason you’re not getting face-to-face sales

No one wants what you sell. Honestly. No one truly wants a coach, an interior designer or a VA. No one wants a yoga teacher, a photographer or a lawyer. If you’ve been in business a while, you’ll have been told plenty of times that you should be selling a dream or a vision. You don’t sell an interior design, you sell a dream of a home. You don’t sell legal contracts, you sell peace of mind. But why is it so hard to do? It’s because everyones dream is …

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The art of selling: How to have the sales conversation (part 2)

Did you know that just 2% of business owners close a sale the very first time they meet a potential client? The other 98% discover that clients make a purchase only after some degree of know, like and trust has been established. Savvy business owners recognise they need to learn more about their future clients, and be open to helping them solve some of their issues, before working with them as a paid client. This is a much more effective method of engaging potential clients in conversation, because it involves …

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What you need to master the sales process

I had read many books, invested (heavily) in seminars and sales training, and yet selling still felt awkward, clumsy and – on my worst days – vaguely desperate. Fast forward a year and I’m confidently negotiating mid-5-figure contracts with corporate clients. What changed? My mindset. My story might be very different to yours. I run a service based business in an industry I had no prior experience of, and no relevant network in. I started from scratch, in the recession, in London – the other side of the world from …

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Why people buy: sex, salvation or success?

Why people buy

Sarah wearily placed her bag on the chair, and sat down for her coaching session with me, and sighed I never realised that selling would be so hard, and that I would hate it so much. But I know I have to do it or my business will fail. Sadly, Sarah is the not the only one of my clients who dread selling, and I know I hated it when I started my own business 11 years ago. Selling, closing the deal, cold calling, finding prospects were things I never …

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The four e’s of selling without selling your soul

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Imagine this: your brand is out there for real. Your website is up and looking mighty fine. People are noticing you and liking what they see. You could say the dating game is going well. In fact, you’ve met someone special. You’re so happy to have found each other – you were starting to believe it would never happen. You don’t want to mess up this beautiful relationship you have going… but something is bothering you. You both know that the S-word is on the agenda. That dirty S-word creeps …

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