Saturday November 18, 2017
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Is link building dead? Nope

Ten years ago link building was all about doing things en masse. You wanted to get your links out there, to as many places as possible and get maximum exposure. A lot of link building was established through trading and buying links, as well as posting in various directories. While these methods may not be dead, they are certainly on their way out. There are several reasons why a lot of the previously used methods are no longer advisable. One is that they’ve been over run with spam and low-quality linking, meaning that they simply don’t work as well …

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20 SEO techniques to boost your web presence

The application of SEO techniques can be mysterious and confusing.  Fortunately I’m here to help demystify and give you my top 20 tips to boost your site up to the top of the search engines’ pages. In a very basic nutshell, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making it easier for your website to be discovered by the search engines. You increase your presence on the web which also directs more traffic your way. The main ingredients in the recipe for great SEO are quality content, good links …

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10 Reasons Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking Dropped

Search engine traffic is one of the most valuable and targeted sources of traffic because people generally trust web pages which garner one of the top spots in their search engine of choice. It takes a lot of time in link building and building your social search reputation on social networks. If your search engine traffic disappears overnight, then without being properly diversified in the kinds of traffic you tap, you can find yourself up the creek with no paddle. This is why I preach the importance of traffic diversity. …

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5 Top Traffic Sources For Your Site

If you asked any webmaster or online marketer what their most important aspect of running a site would be, you would get an answer that’s some way related to traffic. Mainly because traffic is your site’s lifeblood, actually without traffic you really don’t have a site at all. Traffic is king. Traffic brings in the leads and the sales. Quality traffic is what produces your online revenue, whether from advertising or from sales on your site. Now, I have sites which get less than 50 visitors a day, I have …

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Six Sure-Fire Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Many people think that having a good website is all you need to get more website traffic. But they are very wrong. In truth, getting traffic to your site takes hard work and diligence and cannot be accomplished overnight. The key is, of course, advertising, because how are people supposed to know where to find your website if you don’t tell them? This, coupled with search engine optimization is key to your website’s success. There are a number of proven ways to get a high website page rank and traffic …

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Optimising Your Website for Search Engines and People – Part 2

You want people to find, choose and use your website, not your competitors’ websites. This means that you need to appear high up the rankings on the search engine results pages – ideally in the top half of page one. But how do you do that? Search engines aim to respond to their users’ queries by producing a list of websites that are relevant to the keywords that the user has entered into the search engine query box (e.g. Google toolbar) and high-quality.

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