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Ep #26: Small business marketing strategies with Dee Blick

Dee Blick Marketing book

In episode 26 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of starting small, I had a great time continuing my conversation with Dee Blick, best-selling author, speaker and small business marketing guru. Dee is a Chartered Marketer, CIM Fellow, blogger, columnist and writes for many magazines. She has 31 years experience in marketing, copywriting and public speaking. This is the 2nd part of Dee’s interview and today we’re talking about the great small business marketing strategies Dee has implemented for herself, and for other business owners. If you missed last week’s podcast you can catch it here, where we …

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Why testimonials are business gold: and how they can do your marketing for you!

Want marketing to feel easier? Let’s get testimonials doing the work for you. Testimonials are golden Whether you’re still in the early days of business and have only worked with one practice client, or whether you’ve served hundreds of happy clients, testimonials are one of the most important pieces of marketing copy to get up on your site. Do this as soon as possible, do it in the right way, and testimonials can be doing a lot of the marketing work for you. A great testimonial can move a potential …

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Are your customers ignoring your marketing?

customers ignoring marketing

Chances are your marketing is not being seen by your target audience.  The sheer volume of marketing messages vying for people’s attention on a daily basis is now so great that customers are developing sophisticated screening-out capabilities… without even realising it. Marketing commentator, Philip Graves wrote recently that marketing campaigns which rest heavily on defining ‘added features and benefits no longer matter [to consumers] because purchases are dictated by the unconscious mind rather than the conscious, rational one’.   Meaning, your customers don’t have time to read marketing campaigns and have …

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“On the 1st Day of Christmas, a local business gave to Meee…

…not much reeeeally.” And frankly, that’s what I have come to expect — small, local businesses, decorating their shops a bit and maybe running a Christmas offer, but that’s about it. Here in the UK, we refer to the December holiday season under the collective shorthand of “Christmas” though, of course, we honor all ways of celebrating this wonderful time of the year. To us, a holiday is a nice warm sunny vacation on a remote island. Regardless of what you call this time of year or how you might …

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Going round in circles? How to build your business with Google Plus!

Have you discovered Google Plus yet? The more I learn about Google Plus the more excited I am about its potential. I ran a two-hour “Google Plus For Business” Workshop and hosted the “Rock Your Marketing” Google Hangout last week and one area that raised lots of questions is circles. Google Plus is not like the social media platforms Google Plus is much more than just another social media platform. It’s the “new Google” and the glue that ties social search together. Google have done an amazing job of bringing …

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Create the perfect offer: 4 Questions you need to ask first

Special offers have played an important role in how small businesses attract new customers and bring in repeat business since long before the term “online marketing” ever existed. Before email or Facebook, Twitter or Google, there were coupons in the local paper, annual sales at the local retail store, and news of special promotions spread through word of mouth. Today, there are a number of new ways businesses can run special offers that just a few years ago would have seemed impossible. This is great news for small business owners …

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3 Ways to rock your marketing with Google Plus

I’m loving Google Plus but like many social media platforms there’s a lot of potential time-sucking material posted. Cutesy pictures of puppies and beautiful landscapes are great for moments of escapism but not good for productivity, especially when you’re working from home! Why mention this? A new client revealed recently that her big challenge is only being able to spend an hour a week promoting her business. I love a challenge so we flipped this on its head and put together a plan that will allow her to totally rock …

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6 Reasons why Google+ should be key to your online marketing strategy

During an online marketing session at a recent conference, talk turned to Google+. Some familiar objections were raised. “Is anybody actually using Google+?” and “None of my customers are on it, so why bother?” Another common concern of the busy micro-entrepreneur is “oh no, not another time-sucking social media platform!” I have to admit to thinking the latter too. That is, until I started actively engaging on Google+ and testing out the site and some of its tools for myself. I’ve found the results, for myself and my clients, well …

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How frugal innovation can make your customers smile!

I’m a woman on a mission – to prove that it doesn’t cost much to make a lasting emotional connection with your customers. In life, it really is the small things that make a difference – the little touches that make you feel wanted, appreciated and loved. I work with my clients in the hospitality sector, where you’d think people would understand this implicitly. And while there are some wonderful examples, all too often I’ve met hoteliers who have obsessed over a vase costing thousands and yet overlooked many of the tiny …

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Small Business Social Media – Where Do You Start?

Small business social media starts with making the decision to be part of the conversation. Not as easy or cut and dried a decision as one may think. What are the factors involved in this process? The pros and cons? Pros: Potential to raise website page rank Potential to find new customers or clients Potential to make new business connections Potential to reach current customer base with new products or services Potential to get customers talking about

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