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Pitching for new business? Avoid these 3 common mistakes

Pitching for new work is an expensive business activity. Done well (and to have a decent chance of success), it requires a lot of time, a lot of effort and can take people’s focus away from other important areas of the business for an intense and possibly prolonged period. When you tot up the time (and money) businesses invest in participating in pitches, it’s an expensive activity to undertake. Of course the winnings justify that effort and expense, I hear you say. And yes that can be right – if …

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We’re back – and we’re totally focussed on you!

Julie Hall

After a short hiatus and following on from Julie’s blog on the closing of the Women Unlimited Business Clubs, I’m pleased to say we’re back and totally focussed on supporting YOU as women in business. Every business goes through re-invention and iterations and Women Unlimited is no different. I’m so pleased to have been asked back as Editor and am totally committed to making this the Go To site that works for you. We welcome your comments and feedback so please feel free to be an active part of this community. There will be some changes …

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Want to make your business more profitable?

What business are you in? Actually, I already know. And in just a minute, I’ll reveal my secret on how I know – along with 3 simple steps you can follow that will help you improve your business profitability. But to begin, let me explain two things: First, is that small business success is not a card game. There is no trick. You must do the right things consistently all the time to guarantee your survival, success and profitability. Decades and centuries of time-tested entrepreneurial history and background proves this. …

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Diary of a start up: Learning to walk before I can run

I’m now more than halfway through my first year working only for myself and I’m quietly optimistic about the prospects for the business. Flexibility As with anything, things have developed and changed so I’ve had to adapt the balance of what I do. For example, the business is called Your Virtual PR because I anticipated providing my PR skills to small and medium businesses. But one of the things which has brought me the most work so far has been copywriting. I love writing, so doing the work isn’t a problem, …

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The Value of Google Places for small Businesses

The sceptics amongst you are probably thinking- not another online marketing product that consumes your time and may not even produce effective results. I say before you completely bypass this article about Google Places, you should do your business a favour and begin to become acquainted with  this Google product as its benefits for your business can be huge and far-reaching. It’s a free product, an important product with fast community growing rapidly so I urge you to read on and see what Google Places can do for your business. …

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How to take a holiday from your business

When I became self employed I received a lot of doom-and-gloom advice from presumably well-meaning people: – “It’s hard work from now on – you’d better kiss holidays goodbye.” – “Self-employment? Fine, if you like working evenings and weekends.” – “My dad/friend/uncle/milkman is self-employed and he hasn’t had a holiday for 15 years.” I’ve cheerfully ignored this ‘advice’ and I can happily say that since I became self employed three years ago I have had at least a fortnight away every year, taken Christmas off and plenty of long weekend …

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So ladies, does size really matter in business?

Gather round Ladies – I have a secret to share with you.  Size does not matter…indeed small can bring the most personal satisfaction.   What am I talking about?  Well business of course! Both men and women buy into the myth that size equals success in business and we are horribly prone to making judgements on our peers based on this yard stick.  Let me share with you from personal experience just why this is so wrong. It would be fair to say that the majority of men start businesses with …

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Do you display your prices on your website?

How easy to read are your prices? If there is one question that comes up time and time again with clients who want their website reviewed, it’s this: “Do I display my prices?” My answer time and time again is YES! Of course! Why wouldn’t you? “Oh, because I don’t want my competitors knowing what I charge.” “I don’t want to put people off from contacting me.” “I want to be flexible so I can charge more if I feel I can get away with it.” Rubbish. Rubbish. Rubbish. And …

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What you should really have on your business card

When you first decide to set up your own business, designing your business card is one of the most exciting things you can do. Somehow, the business card makes you feel like your business is ‘real’. The likelihood is that you spent a lot of time getting your business cards right, or you may employ a designer to do it for you, so it’s important to make sure that you get all the important pieces of information on there. So how do you do this? To begin with, think about …

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