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Kresse Wesling – environmental entrepreneur

Kresse Wesling is a serial environmental entrepreneur par excellence!  Her devotion to creating the best possible products from almost 100% recycled materials or the most ethically sourced materials has made her a respected leader in her field; she has three successful businesses to her name. In 2007, she was named as one of Management Today’s “35 Women Under 35” list.  Her interest in environmental issues was spawned at the age of eights, long before it became such a hot political potato and has been a burning passion of hers ever since to …

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Celebrating Women in Social Enterprise

May 13, 2009. British Library, London. Women all over the country are so filled with passion and purpose that they are dedicating their lives to  creating businesses that make a difference.  They are stepping up and creating businesses  with conscience.  Businesses that have purpose. Businesses that make the world a better place. Women Unlimited are holding a mini-conference to celebrate Women in Social Enterprise.  This morning session will inspire, educate and motivate you to reach forward and increase your personal impact. 

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