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Establish your business on the right foundations! Sole trader or limited company?

Most people starting a small business tend to start up as sole traders. This is because it’s perceived to be a lot cheaper and easier to go down this route, rather than form a limited company. All you need to do to be a sole trader is start your business and notify HMRC that you are now self-employed. That’s it – you now have a small business! Then what normally happens, is that when a business is a couple of years old and is getting to the stage where it …

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Networking for success

Successful networking develops a circle of contacts and associations, useful for business. The word ‘networking’ provokes terror in some people, believing they’ll be accosted by assertive people “forcing” them to take a business card! Whilst this type of individual does attend events, the majority of business contacts regard it as a means of relationship building, making a connection or meeting new friends.

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