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10 Simple Business Strategies for Boosting Profitability

Practical business growth strategies can be hard to come by in the ever-changing market of today’s tech based business world. Never ever stop learning. If you stop learning you’re going to fall so far behind you risk never catching up! Seeking help from fellow entrepreneurs is probably the most sound advice anyone can follow in the business world. It may take some sweat equity and time investment, but it’s imperative that you are utilizing the most accurate info you can get your hands on. Integrating a new idea, product or …

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The control freak’s guide to delegation

Delegation makes the business world go round – and we all need to learn to play our part. Many of us wouldn’t be in business if our clients didn’t delegate to us, and what goes around comes around – so it’s good to ‘pay it forward’. As a Virtual Assistant, I spend a lot of time encouraging my clients to let go of some of their routine admin tasks to free them up to get more of their own, more valuable work done. I have had to learn to practise …

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