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Starting your own business: 10 Truths Experts Wont Tell You

I want you to know something. Starting your own business is wonderful. You wake up when you want, work from where you want and never have to sit through a boring-ass ‘weekly planning meeting’ EVER AGAIN. Rocking. However. This freedom does not come on a platter. You don’t wake up one and go ‘oh I seem to have stumbled on the perfect life. Ho ho. Tea and toast, Jeeves’. (Because that’s just what my mornings look like. Ahem) So let’s take a down-and-dirty look at what really goes on in …

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Some will, some wont, so what … someone else is waiting!

Your first one or two years starting up your own business can be mentally tough.  You start from nothing and then find yourself with one or two clients.  Your confidence grows and you nervously push yourself that little bit more.  Perhaps get out to a networking event or call up a contact or two from your corporate days. Then you may get a few more clients.  Yes, it feels good. But then, your clients cancel.  ”I’m are too busy“, they say.  ”Apologies but I’ve got to go away on business.” …

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Stamina: An essential ingredient for the journey into a new business

Anyone who has started a business will know that it is indeed a journey that takes longer than most of us realise at the onset.  To see it through to the end will require one essential ingredient- Stamina. Recently, some friends of mine attended the premiere of a movie called The Way starring Martin Sheen and directed by Emilio Estevez.  In the movie, Martin Sheen plays an American doctor who embarks on a pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago.  Also known as The Way of Saint James, the Camino …

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Seven keys to business success

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Booming Baby Business panel session at the British Library BIPC centre.  There was so much fabulous advice coming out of it that I have decided to release the information in three articles. The first speaker on the panel was Cally Robson, founder of She’s Ingenious; a fantastic membership site that helps women take their idea and turn it into a business.  Cally is an inspirational speaker and here are her seven keys to business success for anyone who is thinking about …

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