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Diary of a start up: Learning to walk before I can run

I’m now more than halfway through my first year working only for myself and I’m quietly optimistic about the prospects for the business. Flexibility As with anything, things have developed and changed so I’ve had to adapt the balance of what I do. For example, the business is called Your Virtual PR because I anticipated providing my PR skills to small and medium businesses. But one of the things which has brought me the most work so far has been copywriting. I love writing, so doing the work isn’t a problem, …

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The day I put the start into startup

It is 8.45am on a drizzly and soggy Saturday in June, (got to love the British summertime!) and I am sitting, shivering, on the doorstep of a trendy west end restaurant. Clutching my bag of props and laptop I await the arrival of a staff member to let me in. This is it. It’s D-day! Why do we always give ‘firsts’ a war reference? Maybe it’s Do-or-Die Day! I take a few moments to gather my thoughts and reflect upon the journey so far. The start up honeymoon  I settled on the …

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Networking Tips for Starting up!

So now you’ve chosen a career that right for you. What’s next? Our networking tips can help you! It feels great to know what you want to do, but how do you make sure that the opportunities will be there for you when the time comes? The answer is simple… Networking! Relationship building and networking are the key to getting your foot in the door to many careers. Have you ever heard the expression “It’s not what you know, but who you know”? While we’re not saying that your knowledge …

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Business Attitude or Business Idea: Which is more likely to lead to your success?

What did your friends and family say to you when you told them you were off to start your own business? And how did it affect the way you went about creating your business? When I first started telling colleagues and friends of my plans to start my own life coaching business back in 2004 [this is where I started 5 years ago], I remember all too well the sucking of the teeth and the “you’re very brave” comments.

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Diary of a Startup: Sun bed perspective

I lie here on my sun bed in Spain soaking up the sun while relaxing by the pool and reading those women’s magazines – as we all do – profiling all those inspirational career change stories of brave and creative business women who have pursued their “eureka” moment. As I read the stories of these female role model entrepreneurs – this year is different. I too have left the security of my permanent job – mine with a City and Westminster based pr agency – to strike out with my …

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