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Kanya King’s top 5 tips for succeeding as a woman in business

Kanya King is one amazing lady. The founder and CEO of the MOBO Awards and is an amazing example of persistence over adversity.  She was one of our Extraordinary Entrepreneurs at an event we held back in 2009 and is such an inspirational female entrepreneur. Her father died when she was 13 and his final words to her were “be the best you can be”. She certainly took those words to heart. She is one of nine children and grew up in a household with very little money to spare. …

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Getting your business heard over the din

It’s a noisy world out there with so many businesses and consumers contributing to the babble every second of every day.  So how do you get your business’s voice heard over the din?  How do you make sure it’s your message or offer that’s listened to.  And how do you do this without breaking the bank? Businesses now face a massive range of channels through which to promote themselves.  The sophistication of social, mobile and other digital media gives you the ability to communicate directly with your target public or …

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