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Make your marketing calls more productive

Very few business owners enjoy calling prospective customers, and some don’t like talking to their existing ones, but we do it because it’s a good way of promoting our business and engaging with customers. After all if we don’t do it someone else will. So how do we get past that feeling that we are somehow ‘making a nuisance of ourselves’ by calling them…? Firstly not all telephone calls are sales calls – not that sales calls are a nuisance either, if done properly. Sometimes you just need to update …

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Karen Darby – Extraordinary Entrepreneur

“My friends think I’m lazy, but I just work efficiently!” laughs Karen Darby, the gregarious, fun-loving founder of SimplySwitch.  Karen is one of those inspirational entrepreneurs who accidentally stumbled across her chosen career and has been making everything she touches a success ever since. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Karen’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident early on.  She left school with one O-level and landed a job in telesales for a local newspaper, making 50p on every £5 advertisement she sold, or as she explains it “enough for a packet of …

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