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The 10 Commandments of Business

Most of us in business would agree that we’ve come across some inspiring people and some “not so” inspiring people.  Whether we choose to look at business in terms of morality or not is a personal choice.  However, there is no denying that there is a right way to do business and a wrong way. From the political arena to the publishing world we have, in recent times, observed the wrong way to behave professionally.  Similarly, experiences with some business owners can prove to be valuable lessons in what NOT …

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Setting Up Your Business Voicemail: 7 Ways to Save Time

The subject of voicemail greetings has gotten less attention over the years with the influx of email, texting, and social media. Still, in small business your clients, prospects and suppliers will still want a human connection. So how do you provide one for them when you’re not around or willing to take calls? A while ago I published an article in various periodicals and online venues like AOL called “Leaving Voicemail Messages That Get Returned.” Judging from the email I have received and how many websites have replicated that content, …

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Time saving tips to keep your social media profile fresh and engaging

Saving time in social media

Let’s face it; many of us have jumped on the social networking bandwagon in some way.  Be it via Linked In, Twitter or Facebook many business people recognise there’s business potential in using social media – especially if their customers and clients are.  But many of us often struggle to turn that potential into reality – the major hurdle often being time. Busy entrepreneurs and business people know they need to communicate with their network, but a)        having time for the creative thought process to write a valuable update, and …

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