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10 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

time waits for no woman

The importance of time management is never taken seriously by most people till they end up in a crisis situation. With good time management it will be possible to balance your work, reduce stress and increase productivity. With productivity playing such a vital role in the success of any business or in the lives of people it is natural that good time management has an even greater role to play. Here then are the

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Not enough time? That can be good for your productivity!

When you run your own business, there is always so much to do. It seems like as entrepreneurs, our work is never done. There’s not enough time to do all that we need to, want to and feel we ought to do. Not enough time to market to new clients while serving existing ones. Not enough time to keep on top of all the admin and accounts as well as getting products out of the door. Time for social media, to stay on top of current trends and ahead of …

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Value for Profits: how to get a good return in your business investment

give your customers what they want

In business you have to be prepared for everything and anything; you must accept that things change and you must be prepared for change. When consulting with clients we cover a variety of things, namely about the business and the management, how it’s structured, the customers and services, etc. Sometimes after initial discussion, a client may tell us that they want us to provide a service but after much in depth consultation, it may turn out the business needs a different type of service and as such we must

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